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Fuel Your Growing Season with Propane! 

Sheldon Gas Company has been serving the farming community for decades! We provide the service values you expect with the innovative technology you need. If you haven't looked at propane-fueled farm equipment lately, you should. When compared with diesel or gasoline, propane-fueled equipment can produce fewer harmful emissions, a smaller purchase price, and proven refueling options delivered directly to your farm. You can rely on Sheldon for sales and service of:

  • Dryers (Corn, Walnut, Seed & Grain)
  • Forklift
  • Hot Houses & Nurseries Heating Systems
  • Weed Burners
  • Forklift Cylinder Exchange
  • Portable & Stationary Ag Engines & Pumps
  • Outdoor cooking appliances- BBQ & Grills

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), started the Propane Farm Incentive Program, in order to research the performance of new propane-fueled technology in agricultural equipment. Agricultural producers who enroll in the program are offered an incentive in exchange for recording performance data of the equipment being tested. 

Propane Ag Engines & Pumps Are Here

Advantages of Propane Engines vs. Diesel Engines

1) Initial Cost of Propane engine packaged units can be half of new high-tier diesel engines

2) Propane engines have NO Restrictions from local and California Air Resource Boards

3) Propane theft is next to impossible. Diesel theft has become rampant in northern California



Advantages of Propane Engines vs. Electric Engines


1) Energy saving cost can be considerable

2) No “Monthly Standby” costs from your electricity provider

3) No reliance on the complicated and unpredictable formulas of changing rates for peak or non peak use


Advantages of Propane Engines for all users


Rebate Program: The Propane Energy Council (PERC) will rebate $510.00 per liter of engine. This means an average of $2500-$3000 per engine. Funds are available NOW with no strings attached!


Sheldon Gas has the best supplier to accommodate every application.

This supplier has installed 100’s of Propane ag engines and pumps in the last 20 years and will work directly with you to meet every demand for your irrigation needs.

Call Arron Towner today to discuss ALL the 

advantages of choosing a Propane engine. 

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