Sheldon Gas Company


Products & Services

Sheldon Gas Company offers a variety of products and services. 

Below is an outline of our different delivery and payment options.


This is the most economical choice. Our computer software predicts your usage based on the appliances on your propane system and the weather. When your driver is on your route he delivers to your tank when the prediction is approximately 40%. During the winter the percentage is lower and during the summer when the price normally decreases we will top you off at a higher percentage. If you run out of gas and are on automatic status we will come out on nights or weekends at no extra charge. The automatic delivery status payment terms are 30 days.


The Will Call delivery status is for customers who only want 100 gallons per delivery. The customers call and order as they want gas. This delivery requires that you pay at the time of delivery. 100 gallons is our minimum delivery. This call should always be made prior to the tank going empty to prevent your pilots needing to be relit, and in some cases, requiring an extra charge for service. The will call delivery is always more per gallon than our automatic delivery because it demands a special trip to your residence.


The Budget Plan is for customers who like to budget their payments throughout the year rather than having to pay in full for their largest deliveries during the winter months. We decide together on a monthly payment equaling a year’s deliveries. The deliveries are always on the automatic delivery status.